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How will good user experience take you to places?

In today’s rapidly growing industry, UX has become increasingly important. The UX team at Wargstech are here to explain what “User Experience” is all about and why does it play such an important role.

User experience is broadly about how a person interacts and feel after interacting with a tangible or non-tangible product. It covers everything from walking inside a showroom to interacting with a mobile application, website, or any digital product.

User Experience (UX) is vital for successful products. It has gone from being a differentiator to being an expectation, at least for most industries. It can be hard to get a grasp on the value of UX work, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the process. This is because there are many hidden and hard-to-measure benefits.

Imagine going to a beautifully crafted mall but with no directions or guides to help you out, well the beauty is of no use, that’s the same way for user experience. Without the user experience, your product will become an unguided mall. When a customer opens up an app, the length of time it takes for them to start using it proficiently is directly related to the effectiveness of the user experience design. If they can start using an app quickly, without a lot of guidance or needing to read instructions then the UX has done its job. We can see that UX design is a subtle science with many factors contributing to it. But getting it right is critical to the success of an app.

The importance of user experience really comes through when you find yourself designing and optimizing a website that’s targeted for your audience. If you design a website that’s ugly, hard to use, and that doesn’t help your visitors achieve their goals, they’re going to leave feeling frustrated and probably downright angry. After all, by designing an awful site, you just wasted their time. But if you design to enhance their experience, you will give them or deliver something to them that will make them happy, because the interactions are intuitive and so well designed that users don’t even have to think.

If your visitors have a horrible experience on your website, they’re not going to return anytime soon. That lost lead could have become a customer. Furthermore, you’ve probably sent that customer into the arms of the competition and lost any referral business that lead may have sent your way. On the other hand, if your website wows your audience, you’ll begin to breed loyalty with just the first few site interactions. The longer you keep visitors on-site with UX best practices, the more loyal your customers will become, which represents the best-case scenario for long term business success. 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience.

Wargstech knows the importance of customer loyalty and hence we design to capture and get you a permanent audience.

“Design isn’t finished until somebody is using it.”

— Brenda Laurel

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